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ALTEN, a tier-one technological partner

2023 Paris Air Show News

ALTEN builds tomorrow’s world today

Within 35 years, ALTEN has become leader in both outsourced Engineering and IT Services by supporting its customers’ development strategies in the areas of innovation, R&D and technological information systems.

ALTEN at the 2023 Paris AirShow

As a major aerospace industry tier-one partner, ALTEN is present at the 54th edition of the Paris AirShow, from June 19th to June 25th 2023. 

Digital transformation, incremental development, Industry 4.0, New Space, Big Data & Services, Cybersecurity… our 10,000+ engineers in Aeronautics, Space & Defense operate daily on these challenges with high technological added value in more than 22 countries.

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consultants in Aeronautics

665 M€

2022 turnover



“The aerospace sector must continue to innovate, ensure total safety, and invest in research and development to meet its commitments: hydrogen-powered aircraft, electrification, new sustainable aviation fuels. Net-zero emissions by 2050 must continue to be a priority for the entire industry.”

Pierre Bonhomme, Executive Director of ALTEN



consultants in Space

62 M€

2022 turnover



“The application of innovative technologies is key to New Space. Companies are exploiting advances in fields such as electric propulsion, artificial intelligence (AI), nanotechnology and advanced materials to push back the boundaries of feasibility. ALTEN is involved in these technological advances, which enable bolder missions and more frequent launches at lower costs.”

Dominique Palanque, Aerospace Technical Direction
Elaine Zadre, Business Development Direction at ALTEN

Defense, Security & Naval


consultants in Defense

138 M€

2022 turnover



“Military powers are preparing for the return of inter-state, high-intensity conflict. In addition to this shift in focus, the emergence of new forms of warfare – largely resulting from advances in digitalization – has brought three issues to the forefront: modernization, logistics, and cyber security.”

Denis Sauvage, Managing Director of Aerospace and Defense for the ALTEN Group and CEO of ATEXIS

ALTEN, an impact maker

Innovation is only meaningful if it has a positive impact over time and on people. At ALTEN, we are committed to creating a positive impact on the future of our partners, our employees’ careers, and on the challenges facing our society and environment.

Factory 4.0: Smart and sustainable innovation

ALTEN’s Smart Digital program, the backbone of the Group’s research and innovation, puts advances in digital technologies to work for a more sustainable and low-carbon world. In doing so, it supports the transformation at the core of the ongoing fourth industrial revolution.

Women at the core of innovation

The ALTEN Group’s drive for excellence is founded on a commitment to inclusion and diversity, including the belief that women have much to offer in technical and scientific roles. ALTEN is working to increase the presence of women among our workforce.

ALTEN, a multi-sector expert

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