ALTEN acquires Edufactory to strengthen its expertise in digital training - ALTEN Group

ALTEN acquires Edufactory to strengthen its expertise in digital training

With the acquisition of Edufactory, a pioneer in digital training in France, ALTEN aims to enhance its capabilities in the field of training by bringing technological expertise to its business domains in France and worldwide.

The acquisition of Edufactory enables ALTEN and its subsidiary Avenir Conseil to expand its expertise in instructional design and strengthen its position as a training provider through innovative technological solutions for its clients. 

“Edufactory’s experience of over 10 years in personalized digital training, combined with its reputation for quality and innovation, made it a natural choice for ALTEN.”

“The Edufactory teams have demonstrated their ability to understand client needs and design customized digital training that meet their expectations.”

said Gilles Petit, Director of Operations at ALTEN.

With this acquisition, ALTEN now has comprehensive expertise in digitalizing training and can offer its clients an end-to-end solution for the creation, delivery, and administration of their training programs. E-Learning, Serious Games, Mobile Learning, or Virtual Reality: companies will benefit from training paths tailored to their specific needs while leveraging the advantages of the most advanced technological platforms. 

Since its establishment in 2013, Edufactory has provided training in various sectors. Over the years, the company has started offering its services to public institutions, ministries, and central state institutions. The public sector is a strategic and rapidly growing segment, where Edufactory has quickly become a leader. 

“We are very proud that ALTEN has decided to acquire Edufactory’s expertise. With this acquisition, the company and teams are scaling up and will benefit from an unparalleled international presence.”

“This is also a technological alliance and significant business support that will enable us to undertake large-scale client projects.”

confirms Alexandre Lect, founder of Edufactory.

This comprehensive offering allows companies to reinvent themselves and effectively engage their learners through Edufactory’s cutting-edge solutions, now a subsidiary of ALTEN.