ALTEN TECH A SEAT conference: sport as a catalyst for innovation

ALTEN TECH A SEAT conference: sport as a catalyst for innovation

With the Olympic and Paralympic Games just around the corner, how is sport a catalyst for innovation? That’s the fascinating question our prestigious guests answered during our Tech A Seat conference live on LinkedIn this Thursday, May 16, 2024.

You can watch the replay video to experience the live event again.

In the world of sport, pushing back the boundaries of performance has become a constant quest, where innovation plays a key role. Our live Tech a Seat conference, “Sport as a catalyst for innovation”, highlighted how technology and innovation are enabling athletes to reach new heights and break all records. Today, technology and sport are intertwined, with every movement and piece of equipment optimized by cutting-edge engineering, transforming what seemed like science fiction into reality.  

This exploration was made possible thanks to the contribution of our prestigious partners: Emmanuel Brunet, Manager of Research and Performance at the French Cycling Federation; Georges Soto-Romero, Head of Sport at LAAS-CNRS; Étienne Pernot, Director of the EFREI Research Laboratory; Marc Amerigo, Co-founder of the Zephir Project; and Steve Péguet, Scientific Director at ALTEN. Together, they revealed how sport serves as a catalyst for innovation. 

Hosted by journalist Ariane Warlin, the conference offered a perspective not only on the future of sport, but also on emerging technologies in various fields. For those who were unable to attend live, or who would like to relive the key moments, the session is available as a replay. Discover how, together, we can push back the boundaries of the imaginable and inspire a new generation of innovations and records. 

Replay of the LinkedIn live conference