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Cybersecurity: Integrating SOC solutions

ALTEN supports a major player in Europe in developing and integrating SOC (Security Operation Centre) solutions in the strategic area of national cybersecurity.

Our client is a company specialising in the development of solutions capable of detecting intrusions and sophisticated malwares. It plays an important role in protecting the IT infrastructure of governments, defence and security organisations, and national organisations and infrastructure against cyberattacks.

ALTEN helps integrate these cybersecurity solutions:

  • Network architecture: Configure end-user network access layers, integrate new security layers to protect access to the information system, and perform certification tests
  • Software development: Provide scripts to integrate SOC software on servers and secure this hardware according to ANSSI standards (OS Hardening)

ALTEN engineers support the customer throughout the entire product cycle (specification, development, prototyping, integration and documentation) by making proposals on topics such as data partitioning which multiplies the analysis capacity in very little time.