Expert Global Solutions accelerates Coca-Cola's Industry 4.0 Transformation

Expert Global Solutions accelerates Coca-Cola’s Industry 4.0 Transformation

The Commercial Product Supply (CPS) division of The Coca-Cola Company embarked on the OEE-SPC project to measure real-time performance of its concentrate production sites worldwide (across 18+ countries).

Expert Global Solutions (EGS), an ALTEN Group entity based in India, has joined hands with Coca-Cola in its journey towards implementing Industry 4.0 by leveraging IT/OT integration, Ignition Plant Data Model, Pub-Sub Architectures and Microsoft Azure PaaS components. Anticipated benefits include achieving complete traceability of ingredients and their weights, Statistical Process Control on key Quality and Process Parameters such as Weight, Torque etc. and OEE Improvement (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). 

EGS is working with CPS since last 2019 as “Preferred Partner” to prove out the use case and define a templatized approach that can be applied to the filling and concentrate manufacturing process across all their global concentrate production plants. 

The global rollout of the project spans over 18 locations worldwide, encompassing Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. This implementation offers multilingual support in French, English, Mandarin, and Hindi, catering to diverse linguistic needs, along with support across multiple time zones. Noteworthy is the 100% remote deployment and support, underscoring the project’s adaptability and scalability. 

The solution development and roll-out follows Agile Methodology with global teams ensuring effective management of time, resources and costs. The solution architecture is based on advanced Cloud Technologies and Big Data Frameworks enabling a user-centric solution that standardizes the shop-floor processes and leverages on the full IT/OT integration with Cloud Platforms. 

The application allows user to monitor and manage complete life cycle of a production order from release to confirmation in a paper less manner and: 

  • Provides insights into current performance by measuring availability, production rate and quality for a production line. 
  • Predict the expected completion times based on current run-rates and cycle times. 
  • Allows user to aggregate losses by standardizing the loss reasons and hence enabling Kaizens on Process/ Equipment Capability Improvements to reduce loss across man, material, machine utilization. 

Additionally, the application provides insightful business reports to address business critical topics such as compliance adherence, capacity planning, etc. A Global HQ Leadership dashboard for YTD analytics on Business Plan vs Achievement on MS Power BI (Global aggregated data) is provided to have unified view and analysis of performance for all plants. 

Overall, Expert Global Solutions’ collaboration with Coca-Cola underscores the transformative potential of Industry 4.0 initiatives, epitomizing the synergy between cutting-edge technology and operational excellence.