From LTE to 5G: study and integration of equipment - ALTEN Group

From LTE to 5G: study and integration of equipment

To assist the R&D activities of an international telecommunications group, ALTEN set up an engineering service centre for the integration of new equipment of the existing network, and the microwave study on millimetre waves for the deployment of the future 5G network.

The new 5G network will result in better use of the electromagnetic spectrum with the use of several new frequency bands, including those of the millimetre waves. An ALTEN multidisciplinary team (C++ developer, radio engineers, etc.) is involved in the:

  • Studies on the propagation and use of these “mmWaves”
  • Evaluation of the performance (speed, coverage, etc.) in cellular networks
  • Implementation of propagation channel models
  • Demonstration of 5G technology in a heterogeneous network

ALTEN is also in charge of the integration and validation of new 3G/4G equipment: IP routing/signalling, definition of testing specifications, analysis of results, etc. Our consultant engineers are also involved in checking the resilience and have helped to improve the performance of the existing network.