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Improving sellers’ business performance with Big Data

Analysing the user journey of more than 230,000 travel agents on their sales tool (a Front Office platform accessible via the cloud) has allowed ALTEN to implement an artificial intelligence solution to improve their business performance and user experience.

Developed by a world leader in IT solutions for the travel industry, this web platform allows sellers to book a variety of services (flights, hotels, excursion, etc.) from a tablet or computer. It generates more than 50 million logs per day with over 17 billion files archived to date.

More than 200 ALTEN consultants are working at the client’s premises in Sophia Antipolis (France) and actively participate in the growth of this flagship software, in particular concerning using and adapting the artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

Preparing and formatting data (for example, Markov chains) and using (supervised and unsupervised) learning algorithms allow us to automatically and dynamically profile and categorise travel agencies and automatically extract the main characteristics of each profile.

Through this “Big Data” analysis on the behaviour of more than 230,000 users , ALTEN helps to identify best sales practices to improve travel agencies’ business performance and optimise the user experience (predictive input, easy access keys, etc.).