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Performance and Big Data

As an innovation partner for our customers, we continually strive to stay one step ahead. This is made possible by our extensive research partnerships and our own research laboratories.

As a world leader in Engineering and IT Services, ALTEN is proud to open up new technological horizons and help build tomorrow’s world today. Every day, the innovations that emerge enable us to meet our customers’ transformation challenges. To do so, we leverage the contribution of industrial partnerships and shared digital platforms.


The fundamentals of ALTEN’s culture are shared by all our employees: personal and professional development, excellence, the quest for sustainable growth through environmental responsibility in all our activities.

This Alt. #3 demonstrates the relevance of sports science to our quest for excellence. Sport is an inexhaustible source of challenges and an ideal vector for technological and scientific innovation. The athlete’s perseverance mirrors that of our engineers and industrial partners. Tiny, almost imperceptible details distinguish good athletes from great champions.

Innovation program

When it comes to innovation, ALTEN offers a unique, multidisciplinary and multi-sector field of investigation for all its consultants, combining engineering professions with those of digital and business services. Supervised by our experts and technical and scientific specialists, they build innovative value propositions within ALTEN Labs that combine these different areas of expertise.
Backed by this in-house R&D, ALTEN is constantly reinforcing its eco-responsibility in the face of the climate and societal challenges facing global society: over 31% of our innovation activities each year address a sustainable ecology or environment issue.

Our experts

“Sports is not just physical competitions, it is a laboratory for innovation. At ALTEN, as engineering experts, we are familiar with performance and continuous improvement issues. With athletes as well as with major players in industry and services, we explore how technology can be a catalyst for high performance.”

Steve Péguet – Scientific Director – ALTEN

“What we’ve achieved here goes far beyond technological innovation. We’ve laid the foundations for a new era in sport, where technology and performance converge to advance society as a whole.”

Gualtiero Bazzana – Executive Director – ALTEN

our athletes

Audrey Cordon-Ragot

Audrey Cordon-Ragot

Multiple French road and track cycling champion titles

Evy Longépé

Evy Longépé

Racecar driver and Business Manager at ALTEN

Gaëtan Charlot

Gaëtan Charlot

Paralympic fencing champion

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