Powertrain engineering in the United Kingdom - ALTEN Group

Powertrain engineering in the United Kingdom

A premium British car manufacturer wanted to develop and produce a brand new family of compact, lightweight and low-emission petrol and diesel engines internally.

To assist this project, ALTEN deployed more than 150 powertrain engineers to the United Kingdom within record time.

These motors intended for premium SUVs and sports cars were designed in a configurable, flexible and modular architecture so as to facilitate the subsequent integration of new innovations (new fuels, more elaborate turbochargers, electrification, etc.). With regard to this ambitious project, ALTEN is responsible for several engineering service centres in the United Kingdom.

Here are some examples of projects for which the ALTEN Engineering teams are responsible:

  • R&T (Research & Technology) of future generation motors
  • Mechanical design of powertrain sub-systems
  • Powertrain calibration
  • Powertrain testing and calibration (on test bench and on vehicle)

ALTEN’s ability to create synergies between various departments helps customers boost productivity with regard to their development costs.