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Predictive analysis of retail advertising campaign profitability

LINCOLN (an ALTEN Group solution) has set up a Big Data delivery centre for one of the world’s largest communication groups. It measures and predicts the impact of each advertising campaign on the distributor’s sales from the department to the product level.

93% of distributors reporting wanted to increase their advertising spending in 2018. In this context, knowing how to measure a campaign’s profitability and optimise budget allocations according to seasonality and the choice of media offers a significant competitive advantage.

LINCOLN (a specialist ALTEN Group subsidiary) has developed for its client:

  • Statistical models to measure precisely the impacts of media campaigns on product sales whilst removing effects related to seasonality or the competition. Historical data also allows you to carry out predictive analyses that rely on machine learning to simulate the impact of various campaign scenarios.
  • data visualisation application. This application, developed to be “multi-device“, allows the brand’s and media agency’s directors to view campaigns’ impacts and predictions for future campaigns in real time.

With its expertise in data sciences and its business line knowledge, LINCOLN also provided consulting services to help steer the client’s media strategy in a data-driven manner.