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Smart City As A Service: a collaborative ecosystem

Local authorities use new digital usages to connect infrastructure and civil servants to improve how services are managed and improve regions’ attractiveness. ALTEN support a creator of solutions for connected cities and local authorities whose goal is to put citizen participation at the core of the Smart City concept.

The Smart City concept will work if citizens and local businesses get involved in municipal life and adopt the technological bricks that are offered. For example, a resident can report a fault in public lighting in real time and give his or her feedback on local policy. Conversely, a city government can adapt a pool’s expenditures in water and hearing according to the users present and inform residents of the number of people present in real time.

It is important to implement an intuitive user experience and open APIs (make data available to third parties) to create this collaborative ecosystem successfully.

ALTEN has set up delivery centres to help its client develop bespoke solutions for local authorities with its expertise in the following areas:

  • UX/UI design
  • Web/Mobile app development

Meanwhile, within the Smart City global concept, LINCOLN, a specialist subsidiary of the ALTEN Group, has experimented with a Data Visualisation platform using the Open Data Paris APIs and provided recommendations to improve the city’s cleanliness.