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Stories of Women in Engineering – Elisa Rojatti

Driving Innovation

Senior test engineer and software developer


Elisa is from Rome, where she earned her degree in nuclear and particle physic from the La Sapienza university. After graduating, she worked for ten years with a particle accelerator for cancer treatment in Pavia. “I decided to change jobs,” says Eliza, “because I was ready for a new experience. A friend of my told me that ALTEN was looking for people, so I sent my CV. Within one week I was called for an interview.”

What are your role and responsibilities at ALTEN?

I develop software to test electronic cards. I work in a team of five people; two of us are software developers and the rest do different things.

What attracted you to ALTEN?

I was attracted to ALTEN because it was a very different company with respect to the company where I was working before. It’s a very dynamic company, full of young people. Also, ALTEN offers the opportunity to work on different projects – to learn about different subjects every day. During my job interview they told me I would be able to improve my skills through training – this was also attractive to me.

What do you enjoy the most about your day-to-day in ALTEN?

I enjoy the fact that I collaborate and work with different people every day, and that I can improve my skills and get involved in such a broad range of projects.

What inspires you to become a better person and professional?

I find the inspiration in the challenges that I must face every day. That inspires me to reach my goals, both in my professional and my personal life.

What do you enjoy the most about your day-to-day in ALTEN?

I enjoy the fact that I collaborate and work with different people every day, and that I can improve my skills and get involved in such a broad range of projects.

Are there values you share with your colleagues that are important for your job?

Yes. The first one is perseverance in confronting new challenges and tasks, and the second is taking care of relationships with people. As a team we need to collaborate and share knowledge.

What gets you out of bed to come to work every morning?

Essentially it is my team, which is made up of very kind and nice people. We share a lot during the day, not only work tasks. We also laugh a lot.

What challenges you the most in your work?

The biggest challenge, as I’ve said, is that every day we deal with different projects and different subjects. I have to adapt my knowledge and reinvent myself every day. This opportunity to focus my energies on new tasks and projects makes me innovate. I feel that through my job I am contributing to technological trends – we are developing devices for the future and software to control these devices. This is what ALTEN is – a company dealing with innovations and new technologies.

How do our clients see us, and what is ALTEN’s competitive advantage?

I think our clients see ALTEN as a reliable and flexible partner. We are able to satisfy many needs related to different industries.
In my view, ALTEN’s competitive advantage is that we form a working team with the client. This means that the client has visibility on the project from beginning to end – they’re not just handing us a task.

How would you define your role in this relationship?

There is strong collaboration between us. I help my clients to complete their projects – to reach their goals. The clients explain to us the status of the project when we begin, so that we have all the elements necessary to satisfy their needs.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about coming to work at ALTEN?

I would say that ALTEN is a young and dynamic company that takes care of its employees’ wellbeing. It is a big multinational company, and it is growing very fast. I am very happy to work here because it gives me the opportunity to grow professionally every day.

Women at the heart of technological transformation

ALTEN’s women and men are the driving force behind our business. Our Group’s ability to develop and promote the best talent available is fundamental in enabling us to meet our customers’ needs. Over past years, we have made concerted efforts to counter certain widely held stereotypes and misconceptions in order to encourage engineering vocations among young women. This collection of profiles, Stories of Women in Engineering, is aimed at just that. 

ALTEN is committed to motivating women to join the technical and scientific fields. We hope these Stories of Women in Engineering will contribute to a growing awareness of the vital role women play in science and technology, as innovators, as experts and as colleagues.” Simon Azoulay, Chair and CEO.

Come along their journeys building tomorrow’s world.

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