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Stories of Women in Engineering – Maria Carmon Urbano

Health and security first.

Life Science Consultant


Maria is responsible for revising and approving the documentation that is vital to the security and efficacy of drugs slated for commercialization by a major pharmaceutical company. “I studied chemistry in Cordoba and then I realized that I was very curious about the pharmaceutical sector, about health.” María followed her instincts and gained a Master’s in pharmaceuticals, then worked as an intern for a company in Madrid before coming to ALTEN.

What attracted you to ALTEN?

I was referred to ALTEN by close friends. They told me that it would give me the opportunity to learn. What attracted me also was the possibility of coming into contact with many people, be they professionals in other departments or elsewhere in the pharmaceutical sector.

What do you enjoy the most about your day-to-day?

I enjoy a lot of things, but the highlight is the teamwork, both at ALTEN and also with our colleagues in the pharmaceutical company we work with. We have a commitment to working together and combining all our ideas.

What skills have you developed thanks to this role?

My role has made me feel more confident about myself. I have to be confident because I’m leading the project. I have developed the ability to work more autonomously and also to be more proactive.

What inspires you to become a better person and professional each day?

The thing that inspires me the most is that my work makes a difference in peoples’ health and security.

What are the values you find crucial in your job?

Resilience is important because we learn from our mistakes, day by day. Also, the commitment to do our best, to quality, for ourselves and for our clients.

What makes you get you out of bed to come to work every morning?

What motivates me is that every day is different. We have new problems that we have to solve every day. And also the teamwork.

What challenges you the most?

What motivates me is that every day is different. We have new problems that we have to solve every day. And also the teamwork.

What challenges you the most?

My biggest challenge is that I have to be agile with all the different problems we have to solve. Although I have a team, I have to make decisions on my own. Thanks to this role, to the fact that I have my own projects, I have gained confidence.

Do you think management provides a clear vision?

Our managers give us a good view of what is expected, not only in the pharmaceutical sector. They do a really good job of giving us an overview of all that has to be achieved.

What does Building Tomorrow’s World Today mean to you? How does it apply to your day to day?

To me, it means doing your best. It’s like the saying “You reap what you sow,.” If you do your best every day, then maybe at the end you will achieve more than you set out to achieve.

What do you feel is the impact of your work?

Everyone needs a medicine at some point, be it for a headache, a stomachache or something more serious. The fact that I am approving or revising the documentation to make it possible to to commercialize these medications makes me feel that I’m helping people.

How do you think that our clients view is?

I think our clients see us as a growing company, one that is versatile in many sectors.

How would you define the role that you play for your clients?

I would define my role as unique because I’m applying my own values and expertise when I do the work. No one can do it identically.

What would you say to someone who is thinking of joining ALTEN?

I would say that it’s a really good opportunity to make a difference in in your career because you are able to work with many clients and in different departments.

Women at the heart of technological transformation

ALTEN’s women and men are the driving force behind our business. Our Group’s ability to develop and promote the best talent available is fundamental in enabling us to meet our customers’ needs. Over past years, we have made concerted efforts to counter certain widely held stereotypes and misconceptions in order to encourage engineering vocations among young women. This collection of profiles, Stories of Women in Engineering, is aimed at just that. 

ALTEN is committed to motivating women to join the technical and scientific fields. We hope these Stories of Women in Engineering will contribute to a growing awareness of the vital role women play in science and technology, as innovators, as experts and as colleagues.” Simon Azoulay, Chair and CEO.

Come along their journeys building tomorrow’s world.

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