Truck manufacturing plant modernization in North America - ALTEN Group

Truck manufacturing plant modernization in North America

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of heavy-duty trucks invests several dozen of millions of dollars to upgrade its one million square-foot facilities in Pennsylvania (USA). XDIN USA, a subsidiary of the ALTEN Group, supports the customers to further improve manufacturing quality and efficiency.

Since 1996, XDIN USA (ALTEN Group), with its engineering center in Greensboro (North Carolina), supports our customer in the US market, offering engineering (mechanical engineering, automotive design, electronic engineering…), project management and industrial process engineering services.

In this large-scale industrial project, more than 40 high-level ALTEN engineers work on:

  • Design of new production line layouts
  • Development of new assembly tooling to support new product introduction
  • Development of supply chain solutions (packaging instructions, material/assembly flow process…)

This successful implementation in the plant has further streamlined the production process, with revised sub-assembly and material handling processes to improve production efficiency. With a high level of customer satisfaction, XDIN USA (ALTEN Group) now work on the next industrial project.