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Engine tuning


At the request of a Japanese manufacturer, ALTEN deployed its first automobile work package in Belgium in 2012.

After a four-month consultation process, the manufacturer chose the Group ahead of several major engineering firms to support this development. On this occasion, the manufacturer implemented its very first Service Centre for Engine MAP (Development) engineering activities, formerly managed entirely by technical support.

This ALTEN Service Centre, established in August 2012, has been 100% operational since December. It employs a multi-skilled team of engineers for the development of analysis, characterisation, testing and engine validation technologies.


Specialist skills deployed are varied :

  • engine combustion and calibration;
  • DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) regeneration;
  • on-board diagnostic system compliant with Euro 6 standard;
  • setting under extreme weather conditions and difficult environmental constraints;
  • endurance tests.


Le centre de services comprend les responsabilités suivantes:

  • Project management methodologies &  knowledge management
  • Engine adjustements according to builder’s technical validation plan
  • Monitoring and validation activities
  • Testing operations: on benches, track and road (cold, hot, travel altitude)


Thanks to the expertise of the Centres of Expertise and the piloting of the Automotive Projects Department, an exchange of know-how was conducted over six months between France and Belgium to enhance the skills of the technical team and help local teams to work autonomously in their piloting of this first structured project. ALTEN’s commitment is based on three indicators: specialisation of the technical team, quality of deliverable, timeliness of delivery. This first outsourced project expanded ALTEN’s business opportunities within the group, as well as to other business environments.


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