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Engineering functions at the heart of innovation

What will the French and global technological landscapes look like in 2030? What are the major innovations that will change our daily lives? The report presented in October by the Innovation 2030 Commission, led by the former CEO of Areva Anne Lauvergeon, draws up a picture of future developments.

What technological developments will we see by 2030?

Digital technologies will continue to revolutionise the lives of businesses and individuals, communication will become ever more interactive and “new multifunctional materials with advanced properties will play a key role in the development of all industry sectors.” More generally, technology will “continue its rapid progress, especially in the field of biology.(…) At the same time, life expectancy will grow still further, and urbanisation will continue to spread. “Other trends will see consistent growth, such as climate change, new forms of mobility or the intensification of trade.

When engineering functions support progress

A large number of major innovations such as energy storage, personalised medicine and the development of big data will revolutionise our way of life, and bring industrial stakeholders to rethink and come up with the answers to new needs. Careers in Engineering and Technology Consulting are at the forefront of these major changes. Real contributors to innovation, they participate in the development of the solutions of tomorrow, continuous improvement of their performance and contribute to giving structure to progress, thereby adapting it better to the new expectations and constraints that will emerge.



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