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Alten, a company of Top-class engineers

A company of top-class engineers

Bound to its clients by its increasing levels of commitment to projects, aLten has made developing its human capital a priority and a key factor in its success. the group has invested heavily to identify, capture, develop and promote the best talents in the market.

ALTEN’s technical operational teams are still 90% engineers, graduates of the best international training schools. all engineering professions are represented

in ALTEN projects, i.e. more than 170 technical specialisms in the fields of electronics, software, mechanical, telecommunications, networks and information systems engineering, as well as crossfunctional skills in quality assurance, secure operation, project management, procurement, etc.

ALTEN is increasingly in demand for its ability to commit to results and even share risks. The group demands of its engineers, aside from high-level technical competence and knowledge of the client’s business sector, know-how that allows them to adapt to rapidly evolving environments.

A pro-active approach to recruitment

In 2012, the group recruited more than 3,200 engineers. To be able to do this, ALTEN has put in place an industrial process to analyse skills and identify and hire the best candidates. Specific recruitment actions are targeted at students and new graduates. In 2012, the group stepped up its initiatives to build relationships with the top engineering schools (around 50 are now active partners) and offer highquality internships.

In what is a tight labour market for engineers, ALTEN seeks to recruit the best by offering an international career. More than 70 nationalities are now represented among the ALTEN teams. The recruitment

process prioritises candidates with international experience, something that is now in any case normal among graduates of the leading schools. The group’s internationalisation also means cross-recruitment between countries, wherever there is a shortage of local talent.

In 2012, for the second year in succession,

ALTEN was awarded the top employer label by the independent CRF institute – along with 43 other leading companies. This certification, which is judged against a set of 400 HR practices, reinforces the group’s image as an employer among young graduates. The award recognises the investments in human capital made over many years, particularly the training and talent-development programmes.


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