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electronics and software development

Embedded systems are an integral part of many of the rapid technological advancements we see around us today. Self-braking vehicles and communications links in mobile phone base stations are just two examples of the endless possibilities offered by the system. In line with this rapid technological advancement, more and more companies are seeking help with the new challenges that arise.

Our Electronics and Software Development service develops embedded systems, that is to say electronics and software that form an integral part of a product and which have a specific task. We look at the challenges facing your company and offer suggestions and solutions to help you fulfil your visions. With our expertise and lengthy experience we serve a wide range of industries and help world-leading companies retain their market position.

In-house development department

The collective expertise of our consultants enables us to step in at any stage of a development project. Part of the development work is carried out onsite but due to the increasing number of turnkey solutions offered, we have built up our own in-house development department with six cross-functional development teams. These work according to the Agile approach, that is to say they deliver on time, are flexible and can quickly handle escalations and de-escalations in a project.

Training and quality assurance

The introduction of new processes and technologies requires people who know how to use them in the way intended. To maximise the benefits, we offer coaching and training in all our areas of expertise. If required we will also assist you with testing and quality assurance, where we develop automated testing systems and environments.

Areas of Expertise

PCB Schematics and Layout, Component Selection, FPGA/ASIC, DSP, Requirements Specification, Systematising, Simulation, Modelling, UML, Construction Systems, Assembler, C/C++, Java, RTOS, Embedded LINUX, Script, Communications Protocols, CAN, LIN, Flexray, AUTOSAR, Matlab/Simulink, Targetlink, Testing Management, Test Execution, Mentorship, Strategy, Requirements Management, Integration Tasking, CM, Hardware Testing, Environmental Testing, Reviewing, Test-system Development, Agila Methods, Project Management.


Electronics Designers, Software Developers, Systematising, Requirements Specifiers, Project Managers, Testers and Quality Assurers.

Business Sectors

Telecom, Automotive, Medtech, Defence & Aerospace, Energy.