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ALTEN Labs: staying ahead through innovation

The concept behind ALTEN Labs is to bring a set of people and skills together to explore an innovative technical topic with a view to creating groundbreaking value for industrial companies.
The idea is to engage in exploratory thinking together around a common objective. We set up teams of people from diverse backgrounds to investigate the capabilities of tomorrow’s PLM (1) and their impacts on production and the limitations of this kind of product.

“The labs also look at data extraction and data science, develop applications for artificial intelligence, using natural language processing (or NLP, which can “understand” human language), and computer ontology, which entails creating smart data dictionaries. The labs’ research also addresses using data visualization and business intelligence for decision assistance applications. Once data is processed and displayed through user-friendly interfaces developed by our UX/UI studio, it is accessible and relevant to users.” Pierre-François Péchin, Technical Director.


Exploration and tech intelligence are foundational activities at the labs. The idea is to speed up the technological aspects of projects ALTEN is already working on. We are also developing MVCs (2) we will use to demonstrate value to our customers during the pre-sales phase. The labs also play a vital role in terms of training. They serve as pools of engineers available to train ALTEN consultants, preparing them for assignments at our customers’ premises.


Technologies developed at ALTEN Labs in Toulouse

  • Big data (also developed at ALTEN Labs in Sophia-Antipolis and Nantes)
  • PLM tools of the future
  • Augmented and virtual reality
  • UI/UX design studio

(1) PLM: Product Lifecycle Management
(2) MVC: Minimum Viable Concept

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