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Developing skills to meet tomorrow’s needs

Benjamin Gardella, Managing Director at ALTEN, describes ALTEN’s role in developing nuclear skills among the engineers of tomorrow.

“We help the industry to adapt by recruiting the best talent, strengthening our Centers of excellence, developping new skills, and stimulating innovation.”

Interview The nuclear industry currently occupies a central in the news because of its crucial importance in diversifying energy sources, reinforcing energy autonomy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

What are the current recruitment challenges in the nuclear market? 

B.G. — In recent years, the nuclear sector experienced a period of inactivity, leaving a shortage of experts and making it difficult for many professionals to renew their skills. Today, however, the demand for nuclear expertise is growing worldwide. In France, the industry estimates that 100,000 people will need to be recruited over the next decade to meet this growing demand.   

Which skills are in demand on the market?  

B.G. — The skills required are mainly in the fields of civil work, mechanical and electrical engineering for the design of new nuclear power plants. Experts are also needed for the operation and maintenance of existing facilities.  

How is ALTEN addressing these transformation challenges? 

B.G. — To ensure the success of this market transformation, it is essential to anticipate needs in terms of skills and qualifications. ALTEN relies on recruitment and training to prepare the engineers of tomorrow, including those with no nuclear experience. We launch specific programs, such as the Nuclear ALTEN Academy, to “nuclearize” engineers – experts from other engineering fields, such as oil and gas, automotive or aeronautics – providing them with the skills they need to evolve in the nuclear sector. This academy offers training courses delivered by our experts in partnership with specialized universities and organizations in the field.  

What is ALTEN’s role in the big picture? 

B.G. — ALTEN plays a crucial role in supporting the transformation of the nuclear industry, meeting technological challenges and addressing the key issues of sustainable development, decarbonization and safety. We help the industry to adapt by recruiting the best talent, strengthening our centers of excellence, developing new skills, and stimulating innovation. Today, more and more customers rely on our ability to train specialized engineers. By fostering proficiencies today, we are preparing for tomorrow’s needs. 

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The world is actively exploring responsible nuclear power as an answer to pressing energy and environmental needs. Global awareness of the promise of nuclear power has grown in the light of climate change and increasing energy demands. The sector’s potential for innovation makes it a dynamic and vital field for the global workforce.

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