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Nuclear engineering careers

People We believe in the expertise of our teams, and we value the diversity of their talents and skills. We prepare them to meet tomorrow’s foremost challenges without hesitating to entrust young people with responsibilities. At ALTEN, we are committed to making a positive impact on our partners’ futures, our employees’ careers, and the challenges facing our society and the environment.

As the world strives to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, nuclear power is taking its place as an essential part of the solution, offering a low-carbon and reliable source of energy. ALTEN plays a decisive role in supporting the transformation of the nuclear industry. Today, more and more customers are relying on our ability to train specialized nuclear engineers. By developing these skills today, we are anticipating tomorrow’s needs. 

Discover the key nuclear professions!  

The energy sector, and nuclear power in particular, is a fascinating field which has become essential for responding to today’s environmental challenges. Unique structures and work methods are all subsumed in a single project. There are also numerous interfaces with other sectors, which means that you must develop your organizational and communication skills.”

Raphael Barbosa, Earthworks Design Engineer   

Raphael graduated from the University of La Rochelle in 2016 with a Master’s in Construction Engineering. He joined ALTEN in 2020. Today, with seven years’ experience in the nuclear sector, he holds the position of Earthworks Design Engineer in the Edvance team, a role that is essential to meeting the challenges associated with the construction of EPR2 power plants. Raphael provides valuable input in this demanding context.  

The project engineering profession

Today’s business environment is highly project oriented. Organizations wishing to enhance their added value need to consolidate their ability to successfully carry out projects and programs. Project engineering, applicable to a variety of sectors, differs from traditional project management by integrating all phases, from the design of manufacturing or processing facilities to work on new installations, as well as modifications and extensions of existing structures. 

“I supervise complex projects, coordinate multidisciplinary teams and ensure compliance with nuclear safety standards. My ultimate goal is to safeguard the long-term reliability of nuclear facilities by maintaining rigorous quality criteria and expertly managing the risks associated with anchors.” 

Rania Kheffache, Structural Engineer 

Rania received her engineering diploma in 2020 from the Centre des Hautes Études de Construction (CHEC), with a specialization in metallic construction. In June 2022 she joined ALTEN’s Edvance team where she is responsible for the design, analysis and supervision of anchoring systems. Her primary mission is to ensure the structural stability of nuclear facilities by developing supports that comply with the most stringent safety standards. She is responsible for managing the risks associated with anchors, guaranteeing the safety and durability of nuclear structures while complying with the strict technical specifications imposed by the industry. 

The civil engineering profession

Nuclear civil engineers design the structures that house nuclear facilities. They are involved in all phases of a project, from planning through to completion, ensuring strict compliance with regulatory and customer-specific standards. 

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The world is actively exploring responsible nuclear power as an answer to pressing energy and environmental needs. Global awareness of the promise of nuclear power has grown in the light of climate change and increasing energy demands. The sector’s potential for innovation makes it a dynamic and vital field for the global workforce.

Find out more on how ALTEN, as a partner to leading names in the nuclear industry, holds a privileged position as an observer of market dynamics, and as a provider of cutting-edge technical expertise to support the design, maintenance, and safety of nuclear facilities.