Hakima and Telecoms: Need for speed


Testimony of Hakima, ALTEN Project Manager for Orange.

Hakima’s career path is a succession of challenges that she has met with flying colours. After starting out on a scientific path as a Chemistry Lab Manager in Italy, Hakima soon turned her attention to the world of new technologies, not knowing that she would never look back. Discover the original story of this dynamic consultant.

She came to France to learn the language, continue her studies and obtained a Master’s in Renewable Energies. During an internship at a nuclear power plant, Hakima developed algorithms to analyse the radiation output. This insight into new technologies convinced her to go down a whole new path.
On her own initiative, Hakima trained in Java, joined a consulting firm and began a first iOS mobile app project at Schneider Electric.

After two years as a Web Developer, her potential as a Manager was noticed and she became a Scrum Master.


Moving towards 5G

She then joined the ALTEN teams for Orange as a Project Manager. For the last year Hakima has been leading a project to overhaul the ecosystem for managing prepaid offers in preparation for 5G.
“Working in the Telecoms sector, with technology that is such an integral part of our lives, means I can help to improve users’ everyday experiences. This is rewarding and motivating” she says.

Digitalisation professions are constantly evolving, there is always some new technology, something new to learn. This idea of the unknown and constant intellectual stimulation fit perfectly with Hakima’s curious and determined personality.


New-generation versatility

Hakima talks about her enthusiasm for working as a Team Manager with the interpersonal aspect being essential in her view. “It is not enough simply to have skills, we need to know how to use them wisely and understand that our interpersonal skills make all the difference,” she states. Hakima is sure that her closeness to people has helped her to easily integrate into a team where most people have around twenty years of experience.

“To be an Engineer you need to be able to adapt, be versatile and constantly be learning.
We can take specific actions for the advances of tomorrow”.

Hakima advises young women, and anyone who likes a challenge and new developments, to embrace their desires. They would certainly be able to fully satisfy their needs and ambitions.

It has been three years since Hakima changed career path and she has no regrets. The possibilities for progress are endless, just like the advance of new technologies. She is absolutely convinced that this environment will present her with new opportunities throughout her career.


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