Top 3 trends in 3DEXEPERIENCE FORUM 2019

The 3DEXPERIENCE Forum was held on May 21 2019. Several industries presented their “use cases” of Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE software platform. On the Cloud, it allows you to integrate in a single tool, all the functionalities of the product development cycle (e.g. CAD, CAM, PLM…).
Overview in this engineering 4.0 world: collaborative design, virtual factory and agile supply chain management.

Design collaboratively and automatically

The platform provides access to live information and collaboration between project stakeholders. It includes a “news feed” that allows all employees to share information, and the Enovia solution. This solution allows you to collaborate in complete security in order to develop efficient and flexible projects, offering continuous optimization and real-time monitoring of progress.

Collaboration is an essential asset. It makes it possible to bring together the visions of the different departments on the same project. Let us take for example, Plastic Omnium , the world leader in intelligent body systems, clean energy systems and automotive modules. The different teams working on the reinforcement on one side and the electronics and cabling on the other can finally communicate more easily and progress together on the same environments in real time.

This inter-team collaboration also makes it possible to develop teleworking and simplify cooperation between employees who are not in the same geographical location and who can now work on the same project at the same time. In addition, it is possible for a manager to monitor remotely the progress of the project. This is the case of SBM Offshore , which uses 3DEXPERIENCE for this functionality, among other things.

The platform therefore makes it possible to optimize the existing system and support the life cycle of a product, but it is also a vector for innovation . This is the example of the IAS O concept, a medical device developed for people with cancer. This small removable container can be plugged into a patch and allows treatments to be delivered without the need for the patient to stay in the hospital. Making a digital model made it possible to test various characteristics of the object before it was manufactured. They could experiment for example the effect of Bluetooth waves on the body, the adhesion of the glue to the skin according to the different types of skin or even the calculation of the diameter of the tube containing the treatment according to the given constraints (speed, viscosity of the liquid…).


Optimize industrialization processes through the virtual factory

Industry 4.0 is on everyone’s lips. One of the major assets of this industrial renaissance is digitalization and in particular the notion of “ digital double ” or “ digital twin “. Thus, a company can have a 3D digital copy of its plant, to model the entire manufacturing process of its product, and perform simulations/tests at a lower cost.

For example, EDF has decided to create a digital duplicate of nuclear power plants. This allows them to manage in a better way, among other things, the maintenance stages but also the dismantling . In addition, this digital twin allows the product to be tracked throughout its life cycle.

For its part, Airbus has developed a digital twin of its hangar and all the components it contains. They were thus able to simulate and optimize the assembly process of their aircraft by specifying the existing constraints (assembly order, place, dimensions…), resulting in a better organization and time saving.

3DEXPERIENCE allows a more agile Supply Chain

Finally, the platform also makes it possible to manage the Supply Chain and optimize it through simulations and modelling . The Delmia solution, integrated with 3DEXPERIENCE, makes it possible to provide a complete solution to network stakeholders: from suppliers to manufacturers, logistics and transport service providers, operators and employees.

Schmidt Group uses the platform to optimize its Supply Chain. The company’s challenge being to offer a tailor-made catalogue (and therefore to manage a multitude of criteria, which prevents it from ensuring a safety stock), it is then necessary to ensure perfect management of suppliers and its production chain in order to meet the challenge of on-time delivery.

Thanks to the platform, the optimization of their Supply Chain, synchronized with their order book , has made it possible to maximize their production and the loading of delivery trucks.

Another example is the Monnaie de Paris . This company faces very strong international competition and experiences recurrent delays and stock shortages. The platform is a great tool to optimize, plan and better manage their inventory as well as predict shortages. This allows them to offer a more viable, secure solution, and therefore win more tenders.

The Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform is an extremely complete and powerful tool that allows project management throughout its lifecycle. As we have just seen, the possibilities and solutions are numerous, which not only allows an optimization of the value chain but also and above all it is a real industrial renaissance that opens up the field of innovation possibilities.