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Agile approach for e-Government apps development

There are many benefits to the AGILE approach including increased quality, greater transparency, risk mitigation, and ability to course correct to stay on-time and on-budget. ALTEN introduced this methodology in the development of eGovernment applications, for the ministry of finance of a European country.

With a multidisciplinary team (developers and Scrum masters) of 25 engineers, ALTEN is in charge of the development of around 200 eGovernment online applications (official website, intranet…etc.), used by 20 000 public agents.

ALTEN introduces the state of the art software development and application management methodology, by breaking down the project into smaller chunks (sprints) and then continuously delivering them in short cycles. The fact that there is continuous planning and feedback through the process means that ALTEN development team can realign easily the objectives of the administration to introduce functional or priority changes at the start of each new sprint, and perform work not initially planned (ex: incidents, very urgent requests… etc.).

During the whole cycle, user involvement is encouraged, providing visibility & transparency, showing the actual progress of projects.

After 3 years of project, this agile approach is fully integrated by our client. By improving user experience, reducing the new employee learning curve to improve productivity and providing more reliable applications, ALTEN s쳮d to make the digital channel the preferred choice of citizens and businesses to interact with the Administration.