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ALTEN Delivery Centers Nearshore and offshore outsourcing, a step ahead in industrial competitiveness

The ALTEN Delivery Centers were set up five years ago for three main reasons: to boost competitiveness, to create a pool of remote engineers, and to respond to customer demand for ALTEN resources in the countries in which they operate.

For a customer located in France, the front office teams interface with the customer locally. ALTEN teams in France handle part of the workload, and the rest is dispatched to the back office in Morocco, India, or Romania. “The front office possesses in-depth knowledge of the customer’s culture, requirements, and processes, serving as ALTEN’s lead on the project and taking full responsibility for performance and quality with the customer,” said Yves Brandt, Technical Director in charge of the Delivery Centers.
The back-office engineers receive regular training at the front office. They in turn train the other engineers at the Delivery Centers. This ensures that the Delivery Centers have the necessary skills and know-how. “This training is vital to guaranteeing total quality on our projects. It is how we make sure that the back office has the same tools, processes, and controls as the front office in France.”


A substantial improvement in competitive performance

ALTEN has well-established back offices for the aeronautics industry in Romania and India. The potential for growth is high, with some major RFPs coming up. ALTEN Delivery Centers will play a central role in the company’s proposals. ALTEN is forecasting a 100% increase in volume for its Delivery Centers over the next eighteen months.

The aeronautics Delivery Centers

Based in Romania and in India (350 and 300 aeronautics employees) ALTEN’s nearshore and offshore Delivery Centers for the aeronautics industry provide mechanical design, 3D modelling, renderings, structure analysis, repair certification, data collection for costing purposes, technical documentation, electrical design, configuration management, system design, application support, software application development, manufacturing engineering, and parts procurement for a helicopter assembly plant.

Three Delivery Centers currently operational

  • India (Bangalore and Chennai): 1,200 engineers
  • Romania (Bucharest and Iasi): 600 engineers
  • Morocco (Rabat and Fes): 750 engineers

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