ALTEN Spain ranked the 50 best workplaces in Spain

This is the first time that Forbes magazine has published this list in Spain, and ALTEN is proud to be one of the 50 best companies to work for in the country.

This achievement has been possible thanks to the actions that have been developed over the last few years, and to the joint work of the Talent Development and Communication area, which have been supported by the positive assessment that ALTEN employees have expressed in the survey carried out by Sigma2.

Designed with the highest criteria and quality standards of work climate research, the survey asked about those factors of HR policy, company philosophy and culture that workers value best in their company, and that are considered key to attracting and retaining talent.

Issues such as the work environment, professional development opportunities, the work-life balance policy or aspects such as training, motivation, etc., have resulted in a workplace assessment, which has been published in the latest issue of the prestigious Forbes magazine.