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Augmented reality: an innovative training tool helps ATEXIS meet customer’s skills-development needs

ATEXIS has been using augmented reality with trainees in major aeronautics and defense companies for two years now. This highly-innovative training technology builds on the digital end-to-end approach that underpins systems that are designed, tested, certified, and manufactured with ALTEN’s support. Read on to learn more about how this technological tool is bringing substantial learning value to customers in training.

The introduction of augmented reality into training is deeply connected to ATEXIS pedagogical approach: a detailed understanding of how people learn helps select the most appropriate teaching methods to the pedagogical objectives. For training to be both effective and engaging, learners must play an active role.
The idea is to use augmented reality with other appropriate tools like virtual reality and 3D animations to spark the learner’s interest and use surprise to grab the learner’s attention.

“We 3D printed a simplified turbine and combined it with an augmented-reality headset to train operators on turbine repairs,” Charles Cocagne, VP Marketing and New Business.

The headset recognizes the object and displays data depending on the user profile. The data displayed can include possible types of repairs, instructions for disassembling the equipment, service logs, reliability data from previous repairs, and other information. The headset is a powerful tool to display the right data in the right context for the right user (learner or expert, technician or manager, etc.). Having up-to-date data that includes very recent incidents is vital to this type of training.

“Augmented reality offers us incredible possibilities (…)” Mr Cocagne.

People can collaborate remotely. Trainees located thousands of kilometers from each other can use an augmented-reality headset or a mobile app to interact with the same 3D model. They can move across the surface, put down items, and see other users’ movements. This ensures that all users become familiar with the system in a shared and coordinated way.


Addressing challenges to the adoption of the AR technology

Mr Cocagne highlighted three main issues concerning the adoption of the technology. First, customers tend to be cautious before investing in AR technology because they feel implementation costs are high. So, it is crucial to prove them that augmented reality can be rolled out very cost effectively on smartphones and tablets. The technology also offers the added benefits of shorter, more effective training for a rapid return on investment.

Second, the process for data preparation (color, size, texture, layers, etc.) has room for improvement to shorten processing time and reduce rework costs. DMU(1) data is too big to be used as-is by augmented reality engines. So, the digital continuity of data has to be ensured.

Finally, substantial resources must be put into innovation to stay ahead of emerging needs. An ATEXIS lab in Sevilla, Spain, is doing just that, developing new innovations to create tomorrow’s training concepts.


(1) DMU: Digital mock-up

ATEXIS, ALTEN’s customer support solution

Founded in 2011, ATEXIS has more than 1,300 employees in more than 20 countries

ATEXIS specializes in customer support engineering . The company’s mission is to enhance the service life of aircraft, marine vessels, and other complex systems. ATEXIS has four complementary business lines: maintenance engineering, technical documentation, technical training, and the operational management of systems.

The training business line covers the entire training spectrum, from the training needs analysis, which is completed by pedagogical engineers, through to implementation, with a staff of more than 40 instructors. ATEXIS can also design and produce highly technological and innovative training content across a variety of media (elearning, eTour, interactive video, 3D animation, virtual training, AR/VR); all training content is approved by subject matter experts.

Finally, ATEXIS offers turnkey training center management services, and can handle training schedule, maintenance of simulators and administrative and management services for its customers.



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