GAÏA Rating 2019: ALTEN improves its scores by 10 points


The 2019 ranking of the Gaïa Rating was presented on 14 October 2019, at a ceremony at the Palais Brongiart in Paris. For its 5th year of participation, ALTEN has improved by 10 points.


Gaïa Rating, EthiFinance department, evaluates companies on the level of performance and transparency of Environmental impact, Social impact and Governance criteria. These evaluations thus help to support the investment decisions of management companies.

In 2019, ALTEN ranks 25th out of 230 rated companies, with a score of 80/100, and 22nd among companies with a turnover of more than €500 million.

Committed to a sustainable development approach for several years, ALTEN Group annually assesses its results.


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