What are the different shareholding methods for ALTEN shares?


We use the name “bearer shares” when shares are held and managed by the financial intermediary of the shareholder’s choice.

In such a case, ALTEN cannot know the identity of the shareholder unless an occasional enquiry for investigation on TPI (Identifiable Bearer Shares) occurs, allowing a listed company to request the list of its shareholders to Euroclear at a specific date.

As a shareholder you would be charged of the custody rights and regular management fees by your account manager.



We use the name “pure registered shares” when shares are listed and held for a shareholder’s account in the books of a financial entity acting as the account holder.

Because ALTEN can identify its shareholders, the management of their account regarding their shares in the company is free of charge.



We use the name “administered registered shares”  when shares are listed in the books of the account holder; however the shareholding account is managed by the financial intermediary of the sharholder’s choice. In such a case, the financial intermediary remains your contact person.

You would be charged of the custody rights and regular management fees by your account manager.


How can I list my shares as pure registered shares?

If you wish to open an account for pure registered shares, please contact our Shareholder Services Department:


or our bank at the address below:

Société Générale
Service Titres CS 30812
32 rue du Champ de tir
44308 Nantes Cedex 3


What are the benefits of pure registered shares?

When holding pure registered shares, the shareholder receives an invitation to the General Meeting without having to formally request it.

The shareholder is exempted from fees for custody rights. Also in this case, the bank promptly pays the dividend to the shareholder.

All pure registered shares that are fully paid up and have been listed under the name of the same account holder for at least 4 years in accordance with Article 14 of ALTEN’s Charter receive a double voting right.


Where can I check ALTEN’s live share prices?

ALTEN’s live share prices are available online in Shareholders area


When is the payment of next dividend?

Please note 3 dates are to be taken in to account in the process of a dividend payment:

  • Exdividend date: the date on which the share is traded exdividend occurs 2 trading days before payment date;
  • Closing date: occurs 1 day before payment date and after stock market closing;
  • Payment date

The amount of the dividend for the last 3 financial years (subject to approval by the General Meeting of Shareholders) is available on our website by clicking on “Dividend Distribution” in the Shareholders’ Area under the Investors section.

Le montant du dividende relatif aux 3 derniers exercices (sous réserve d’approbation par l’Assemblée Générale des actionnaires) est visible sur notre site en cliquant sur “Distribution des dividendes” dans l’Espace Actionnaires de la rubrique Investisseurs.


Where are ALTEN shares priced and listed?

ALTEN shares are quoted on the Euronext Paris compartment A.

They are listed on the market indices below:

  • SBF 250
  • SBF 120
  • IT CAC 50
  • CACMID 100

ISIN code is FR0000071946.


How can I be informed when a General Meeting is held?

The company must communicate to its shareholders the date of the General Meeting not later than 35 days before it is held via a notice in the BALO bulletin (Bulletin des Annonces Légales Obligatoires).
This formal notice also includes the resolutions which the shareholders will vote during the meeting as well as the conditions for joining the meeting.

Another notice confirming the agenda and issued 15 days before the meeting at the latest summons the shareholders of registered shares to attend the event. It is published at the same time in the BALO bulletin and in an Official Journal.

To obtain more information on the General Meeting, shareholders may also contact the company or visit the company’s website and more specifically the page dedicated to the General Meeting.

ALTEN communicates the date of the General Meeting to its shareholders via a press release and on the website www.alten.com.


How can I attend the General Meeting?

All shareholders may attend the General Meeting independently of the number of shares they own; however they must prove, on the second trading day before the meeting; that their shares were listed under their name or the name of the financial intermediary registered for their account:

for shareholders of bearer shares:

Shareholders must obtain from their authorised financial intermediary a share certificate proving they are sharholders of ALTEN shares.

To attend the General Meeting, you must send the certificate to our bank (Société Générale) at the address below:

Société Générale
Service des assemblées CS 30812
32 rue du Champ de tir
44308 Nantes Cedex 3

The bank will send you an admission card when your certificate is received.

In the event you do not receive your admission card on time for the General Meeting, please bring your share certificate to the meeting.

for shareholders of registered shares:

There are no specific formaIities prior to the meeting as the bank automatically sends you an invitation notice to the event. However, for a quicker access to the meeting room and to avoid waiting lines, we highly recommend you fill in the admission card enclosed in the notice and send it back to the bank (Société Générale).

If you cannot attend the General Meeting, you may choose between the 3 options below:

  • Give a proxy to the person of your choice, according to the conditions provided in Article L. 225-106 under trade legislation (Code du Commerce);
  • Send a proxy to the company without stating a representative;
  • Postal vote.

How can I vote in a General Meeting?

All shareholders who own at least 1 ALTEN share 2 trading days before the General Meeting at the latest may vote. There are 2 options:

  • During the General Assembly
  • By postal vote

On the 21st day before the meeting at the latest, a proxy/postal vote form is published online on the company’s website:


After receiving their invitation notice, shareholders of bearer shares may write a formal request to the bank (Société Générale) to send them the form*:

Société Générale
Service des assemblées CS 30812
32 rue du Champ de tir
44308 Nantes Cedex 3

Requests received 6 days before the meeting at the latest will be dealt with.

Once duly filled in, the form must be sent back to the bank (Société Générale) along with the share certificate for shareholders of bearer shares.

The bank (Société Générale) must receive postal vote forms 3 days before the meeting at the latest.

If a representative is appointed, we would be grateful if you could inform us of the proxy by emailing a scan of the form you would have priorly signed, along with a two-sided copy of your ID and your share certificate to the following address:


*To avoid delays in deliveries of voting forms, we highly recommend you send your requests to the bank well in advance.


How can I reach the the Shareholder Services Department?

  • By post mail to the company’s Head Office: 

Standard (head office):
40 avenue André Morizet
92513 Boulogne-Billancourt Cedex FRANCE