Tales of Women Engineers: the power of testimonies


The position of women in industry is a real societal issue. ALTEN has always been committed to increasing the number of women in engineering professions and integration of young people into employment, and so is keen to raise awareness and convince women to join technical and scientific industries. 

The ALTEN’s Tales of Women Engineers Portfolio uses the power of testimonies from role models who embody the reality of their professions to dismantle preconceptions about engineering industries.

Since 2017, the Group has been interviewing its women engineering consultants every year, in France and abroad, with three objectives: highlighting their career path and expertise, encouraging young girls to go into engineering professions and raising awareness among the society at large. Male or female, it concerns us all!

This year again, ten of our employees offer us an insight into possibilities in Robotics, Telecoms, Finance, Energy, Rail, Automotive, Aeronautics and Space!

Well done and thank you to our employees who spoke about the role of women in their professions!


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